2015 Theme: Reaching for the stars, one star at a time

This event occurred on April 25, 2015
10:00am – 6:00pm BST
Birmingham, Birmingham United Kingdom

This years theme is “reaching for the stars, one star at a time” which aims to inspire and challenge your perceptions in all aspects of your (future) career and personal life. The talks aim to introduce you to new perspectives, attitudes and ideas to create a better future. There is no greater force for changing the world than a powerful idea. Hear it from the best, and gain an insight into how leaders are challenging the norm.

The event involves a combination of inspiring talks, as well as eclectic performances for a thrilling atmosphere. Musical performances, spoken word poets, dance and much, much more.


Ben Smith

Ben studied International Business and Modern Languages before spending 2 years as a management and strategy consultant and 2 years designing and implementing a change strategy at a university student advice centre. He has created 3 startups and was named in Shell’s top 48 entrepreneurs of 2014. He now works as a Ventures Manager, supporting social enterprises to develop and embed growth strategies and attract investment, whilst also sitting on the board of a Birmingham based arts centre.

Caleb Meakins

Caleb Meakins graduated from University with a Masters in Civil Engineering, however after winning the Social Enterprise Award at his University he decided to embark on a career trying to start businesses. He quickly realised the crippling effect of the fear of failure and launched My 40 Days; a social project that attempts to tackle the stigma attached to failing. The project has taken him to sports stadiums, red carpets and even earned him Milkround’s ‘Graduate of the Year’ award. Caleb now goes round the country speaking to companies, universities and schools.

Carl Senior

One of Carl’s main areas of research is the field of student engagement and retention, and he has examined a variety of factors that ensure students are (and remain) engaged on their specific area of study. Recently, he started to explore the role student friendship groups have in driving effective learning and here he discovered that students unwittingly use their friends to develop a deeper understanding of their own specific discipline.

Charlie Reeve

Charlie has 12 years of experience designing and implementing graduate programmes for large and small organisations. He is a recruitment specialist, a learning and development professional and is fascinated by neuroscience and languages.

Deepak Shukla

Deepak has lived many lives. In his 28 years he has been an English Literature Student. A Rapper that has done warm up sets for Roll Deep and recorded 75+ songs. An athlete who -to date- has registered 10 marathons, 3 ultramarathons, 2 triathlons and 1 Muay Thai fight. And now, Deepak is a careers coach.

Rahkesh Thakkar

Rahkesh was brought up in the city of Leicester, UK. He went on to go to university at Aston University studying International Business Economics Msc. He worked previously at an internship at Walt Disney Headquarters EMEA and is currently working at a UK based Pharmaceutical Company. He also is the founder of a start up Academy based in Birmingham, UK.

Rebecca Fielding

An entrepreneur, mum of two, coach, foodie and career for a father with Alzheimer’s, she has recruited and trained thousands of people, and has a passionate interest and specialism in the graduate market.