Kseniya Sidarovich

License Holder, Organiser

I am Kseniya. I come from Belarus and doing my Master’s in Strategy and International Business in Aston University. I often get impressed with how much we don’t know and what impressive things people do all over the world. For me TEDx is the way to discover unknown, get surprised and inspired, rethink the ‘usual’ or ‘normal’ way of doing things. This year I have applied for the license to organise TEDxAstonUniveristy and this is where we are now!

Modasar Rasul

Guest Experience Team and constant supporter of TEDxAstonUniversity

Hi everyone I’m ‘Mo’ and I work in Learner Enhancement Team at Aston University where I manage a range of programmes related to student development. I have been involved in all the amazing TEDxAstonUniversity events as a consultant and co-organiser. My role is to ensure continuity each time TEDx Aston University takes place and help to guide the whole TEDx experience from supporting the development of the organisational teams to delivering a completely unique experience.

Speakers Team

Lead by Marie-Charlotte Hamel

My name is Charlotte and I’m an international student from Canada. I like to get involved in many activities and have experience in managing events. I also have a background in high-level sports, including swimming, lifesaving, water polo and skiing. My goal for TEDxAstonUniversity is to deliver an event with high quality speakers who have interesting and unique ideas to share.

Victoria Masso

Speaking Coach

Victoria is a MSc in International Business and certified body language trainer by the Science of People, a human behaviour research lab based in the USA. She has been involved with TEDx since 2013, being one of the organisers for the first TEDx AstonUniversity event.

She will be showing the speakers some insights and techniques into what makes a great TED talk from a science perspective. This will include research done by the Science of People that has been published on

Victoria currently runs a consultancy company ( where they use a science-based approach to train companies and entrepreneurs on optimising their use and understanding of non-verbal language and personality, to aid in the achievement of their goals.

Social Media Team

Lead by Tristan Ripke

My teams mission is to get everybody excited for the TEDxAstonUniversity 2017. When I think about our theme “The Time is Now” the message of Tom Bilyeu from Quest Nutrition comes to my mind: ‘If you take responsibility for your life, and have enough grit to persist, you can accomplish anything’. The more I am exposed to that message, the more it sinks in and makes me work hard to make TEDxAstonUniversity 2017 unforgettable!

Partnership Team

Lead by Chukwudi Ben Ononye and Navsher Singh Dhillon

Chukwudi Ben Ononye
I am studying International Business & Management. I am currently the President of Aston University’s leading employability society – Aston Bright Futures. Having worked in events for 5 years I have gained a lot of experience in event management. I am also a fan of Karate, owning a black belt. I want to spread the spirit of TEDx and inspiration from mind-changing ideas around Aston, Birmingham and all over the world.

Navsher Singh Dhillon
Hi! I’m Navsher, and I study Computing for Business here at Aston University. Outside TEDxAstonUniversity, I am involved with the Aston Bright Futures Society as well as the Aston Volleyball Team! My goal is to make TEDx Aston University a memorable and enjoyable.

Performer and Entertainment Team

Lead by Hibo Abdulrahman

My name is Hibo and I am a final year Business and Mathematics student at Aston University. After being involved in my second year as a volunteer and having an amazing experience, I was keen to do it again! I am going to be in charge of the Performers and Entertainment for the day and my goal is to make sure that not only are your brains stimulated by the great talks, but to also bring some variety to the event. As I near my graduation, I can say that I relate to the theme more than ever and can’t wait for TEDxAstonUniversity to be an unforgettable experience!

Design Team

Shalini Moorthy and Teng Hongyu

Shalini Moorthy and Teng Hongyu are MA Visual Communication students in Birmingham City University. Guys specialise in Design, Photography and Art. This year Shalini and Teng are working on the design for of TEDxAstonUniveristy. Our logo, bags, t-shirts, brochures are designed by the guys this year.

Phillip Parnell


Through the eye of my lens I aim to capture and create the perfect picture that will immortalise the essence of any and every moment. In 2012 I have started my own company, Phillip Parnell Photography. Since then we have captured countless weddings and events all over the UK. Having our humble start through the BSEEN initiative, we have grown as a business from strength to strength, capturing all the special moments and details wherever needed.

Branding Team

Darcy Mead and Richard Go

Our banding team is responsible for all the fun that you will see on the day.

Richard Go
Hi, my name is Richard. I am a final year Business and Management student in Aston University. I am also the Marketing Manager for Aston Bright Futures. I see TEDx as a knowledge hub with a plethora of ideas waiting to be unlocked. My goal is to ensure that everyone enjoys this privilege and feed our intellectually curious minds.

Darcy Mead
I am a second year Business & Politics student who would like a career in Marketing. I am very interested in entrepreneurship and women empowerment in the workplace.